Relax Room

Akinon SPA

Akinon SPA is created around the Babylonian and Greek traditions of bathing in hot springs and mineral waters to restore our health. Our treatment area is decorated with fresco paintings and ceramic tiles, introducing the atmosphere of ancient times. Entering the premises promotes a tranquility and peace of mind that opens up the senses and stimulates our natural ability to heal body and mind. The term spa has embraced the idea of the holistic human being where harmony and balance is the key to good health. We provide a wealth of different revitalizing spa treatments, all performed by fully trained and skilled therapists. Welcome to Akinon Spa for a luxurious and pampering experience, whether you want to rejuvenate, detox or merely relax!

SPA Menu

Akinon Spa offers a wide selection of different SPA treatments and you can view our SPA menu below for additional details on each treatment. If you are interested in a SPA package with multiple treatments please contact us and our highly qualified therapists will put together a package deal based on your budget and time available.

We use the Natural Spa Factory’s finest products derived from botanically sourced ingredients offering tailor made treatments for all your skincare needs.

60 min – €60

You start with a mud wrap on your back to relieve tender and stiff muscles. We leave this to work while you receive a peeling to your hands and feet. We then finish with a relaxing back massage. A renewing and uplifting experience for muscles and mind!

45 min – €50

A vitalizing wrapping in algae before being lowered in to a dry floatation bed. The treatment is detoxifying and firming, enhances circulation and supplies your body with important minerals. Your skin will be left feeling hydrated and soft to touch. The treatment is finished off with a light covering of body cream to make your skin feel more elastic and toned.

75 min – €70

Before this treatment why not start with a peppermint salt scrub with marine extract to help remove any dead skin cells so your skin will be feeling refreshed and soft to touch?

45 min – €50

A luxurious experience of a chocolate body wrap of mineral rich clay infused with the essence of cocoa. Feel the chocolate cover you skin before being lowered in to a dry floatation bed. The natural beta enzymes in the chocolate has a detoxifying effect on your skin that helps to prevent wrinkles and cellulite and leaves your skin feeling soft. You are left feeling uplifted by the aromatic characteristics of the high quality chocolate. The treatment is finished off with a light coating of anti cellulite cream.

75 min – €70

Before this treatment why not start with a chocolate, vanilla and sweet orange salt scrub to help remove any dead skin cells so your skin will be feeling soft and smooth for longer?

75 min – €70

We begin with a deeply detoxifying, green tea and coconut sugar full body polish. A perfect prelude to slimming body care. We then wrap two areas to be treatment of your choice with a ‘fat busting’ rosemary and guarana peel off body wrap. The astringent rosemary essential oil is great for cell regeneration, helping to keep the skin taut and reduce wrinkles whilst hydrating and toning. While the wrap is working layback and enjoy a shoulder, neck and scalp massage.

60 min – €60

Step in to our Isis room and experience Cleopatra’s most famous beauty ritual, bathing in milk and honey. We begin by using a gold and caviar body scrub to exfoliate your body. The caviar extract benefits from vitamins A,D,B and trace elements of amino acids. This removes the dead skin cells before stepping in to a prepared bath of milk and honey to relax and unwind. Your skin will be left feeling soft, smelling fresh and glistening.

90 min – €90

Why not finish this treatment with a relaxing back massage to promote circulation and wellbeing?

60 min – €70

A deeply relaxing hot stone massage that gently releases tension and soothes tired, aching muscles. Our therapist uses her hands in harmony with individually shaped heat releasing marble and slate stones. Intensified by a melting honey gel rich in a natural rose scent that leaves the skin delicately perfumed.

30 min – €35

A lime and lemon grass detoxing sea salt scrub stimulates you skins circulation. It’s crisp, refreshing zingy aromas will lift your spirits whilst being an amazing exfoliator it will remove winter dry skin. The final touch is a deeply nourishing application of body lotion.

30 min – €35

This sugar body scrub contains green tea oily and pure argon oil. Perfect for cleansing and exfoliating to help lift away dead skin cells and prepare the skin for moisture. The final touch is a deeply nourishing application of body lotion.

30 min – €35

While it is perfect for exfoliating dead skin cells, smoothing the skin and stimulating circulation. These sweet ingredients remind you of a Terry’s chocolate orange. The final touch is a deeply nourishing application of body lotion

65 min – €75

This deeply relaxing full body massage relieves knots and tension within you bodies deeper muscle layers. We use a bespoke sequence of slow movements and pressure point technique that is intensified with an essential oil blend rich in calming aromas

65 min – €75

Using a bespoke sequence of more energizing movements and pressure point techniques that is intensified with an essential oil blend rich in invigorating aromas. This full body massage not only relives muscular knots and tension but restores your body’s energy levels.

60 min – €70

An intense massage designed to focus on deeper muscles layers. Our aromatic blend of essential oils supercharge the body to eases tense shoulders, back knots and aches restoring your sense of wellbeing


35 min – €45

Back cleansing and a deep massage rolled in to one. This intense massage will make you feel completely relaxed and helps to alleviate tension and relive stress to tired muscles

60 min – €65

The ultimate indulgence for the face and body, adapted to pre and post-natal stages of pregnancy and how you feel. This treatment eases backache, fluid retention, stress and tired legs. Our bumps daisy massage oil improves your skins tone and provides comfort. Afterwards you feel relaxed with baby soft skin.

60 min – €70

If you are looking for a pampering experience combined with our special Rephase products this is for you. Our therapist will consult with you so the treatment is tailored to suit your skin type. It also incorporates a little extra, a pampering hand, shoulder and foot massage.

  • Ultimate – A replenishing treatment perfect for mature skin
  • Hydra Gold – Just the treatment for sensitive skin that needs to feel comfortable again
  • Lipoderm – Perfect for a fresh start with a shine-free finish

60 min – €80

This luxurious facial uses only the finest of skin loving ingredients, combining ocean treasures, pearls and caviar with champagne extract. Caviar is rich in vitamin and amino acids, the tiny pearl particles work on reducing fine lines by toning, firming and illuminating, the champagne extract targets the skins cell renewal and the 23 carats gold moisturizer helps to restore elasticity and tightens the skin. After this treatment your skin will be left feeling radiant and youthful. Includes a glass of bubbles.

60 min – €50

A procedure that cleans and removes the dead skin cells from the feet and toenails. The pedicure is also accompanied by a foot massage that rejuvenates the skin as well as relaxing the muscles. This will be followed with an application of nail color.

50 min – €40

Treat your hands to our therapeutic hand scrub, moisturizing cuticle soak and nail grooming followed by a hand and lower arm massage. This indulgence will be followed with an application of nail color.

PHD waxing is the only system that eliminates the risk of cross infection from one client to another. Professional, hygienic and disposable. 

45 min – €40

Full leg

30 min – €30

Half leg

15 min – €12


15 min – €15

Bikini line


15 min – €8

Coloring of eyebrows

15 min – €12

Coloring of eyelashes

30 min – €18

Coloring of eyelashes and brows

10 min – €8

Eyebrow shaping (wax/tweezing)