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In January 2009, Linda and Helge Stokke could finally unveil Akinon Resort to the 500 guests attending the opening. There was a palpable excitement in the air as the deputy major of La Nucia cut the ribbon, officially marking the end of a five-year construction project. The dream of building an oasis had become a reality and they couldn’t wait to share it with the world!

The two entrepreneurs from Bergen, Norway started the project in 2004 when they sold the majority of their business activities to embark on a new adventure in La Nucia, Spain. Helge had made a name for himself as a business savvy entrepreneur, growing his fathers small electrical company to an industry conglomerate consisting of 16 companies with 1200 employees across shipping, electrical, real estate and financial services. Linda, a certified acupuncturist and reflexologist, had her own practice of natural medicine treatments and was the head of the Nordic College of Acupuncture in Bergen. They now wanted to combine their collective experience from different industries with a shared philosophy and vision to create a destination where guests could relax, rejuvenate, learn and enjoy an experience out of the ordinary.

However the path to creating Akinon Resort was not an easy one. It took five years of dust, cement, mud and countless hours of planning, structuring and creative thinking. Great joy in every step forward and baffling disappointment in every step backwards when faced with significant challenges. Undertaking this process in a new country with an unfamiliar culture and foreign language furthermore contributed to an exiting and stimulating journey for the two entrepreneurs. But with an ironclad faith in the project combined with a bunch of creativity, determination and amazing employees, partners and supporters yielded success.

They are now proud to share the fruits of their hard labor with you and look forward to welcoming you to Akinon Resort!


Akinon Resort promotes a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, striving to deliver an experience out of the ordinary. Akinon means key to living and we aim to provide you with the tools necessary to achieve an optimal lifestyle based on your situation, potential and desire. Akinon Resort offers facilities and services aimed at broadening your knowledge on topics like nutrition, integrated medicine, exercise, coping with stress and personal development. 

We advocate that preventing illness is just as important and a more effective measure than to solely focus on treating its symptoms. Our facilities were therefore designed to create the surroundings and atmosphere to achieve this goal. The five cornerstones of our concept are:

  1. Nutrition – through a balanced diet based on natural food without preservatives
  2. Exercise – by offering a wide selection of physical fitness options
  3. Conferences – by organizing seminars and lectures covering key topics
  4. SPA & Wellness – by offering treatments to rejuvenate, detox and relax
  5. Clinic – based on integrated medicine

We look forward to welcoming you to Akinon Resort!

Akinon Resort Woman

Meet the team

Chief Executive Officer (COO)

Didrik is responsible for the daily operations of Akinon Resort, including marketing, sales, finance and strategic initiatives to grow the business. He has a double Master degree in Finance and International Business from the University of Sydney and a background in consumer products in Norway and the US. In his spare time he loves to travel, play golf, paddle and other sports. He is an avid moviegoer. 

Fun fact: Didrik has lived in six different countries over a period of nine years.

Resort Manager

Rebecca is responsible for the daily operations of Akinon Resort, including human resources, the spa, reception and management of the Spanish customer segment as well as partners and vendors. She has a background in the health sector and has worked her way up at Akinon Resort from a receptionist to her current position. Rebecca likes to spend her time off walking her beagle Medly, read books and spend time with family and friends.

Fun fact: Becky’s dream job was to be a pastry chef until she discovered she was celiac — i.e. allergic, the most common ingredient in all pastries – flour…

Handyman & Waiter

Gustavo is responsible for making all your dining experiences at Akinon Resort exceptional. He is also essential in maintaining the resort. He moved to Spain from Cordoba in Argentina 14 years ago and has extensive experience within hospitality from both Argentina and the US. He loves to go to rock and blues concerts, play guitar and have barbecues with his friends. 

Fun fact: Gustavo arrived in Spain with only €300 and a goal to provide a better life for his family

Head Chef

Miguel is the creator of the beautiful food served at Fusion 8 and loves to fuse different types of cuisine from around the world and apply his own twist. He studied at the culinary school of Murcia as well as under Michelin star chef Martin Berasategui and achieved first place in many competition such as Sabor@rte. Before joining the Akinon Resort team he held multiple head chef positions in Spain as well as in Hong Kong. In his spare time, Miguel loves to travel to experience new cultures and cuisines as well as ride his motorcycle.

Fun Fact: Miguel is a self-taught Sevillanas dancer and participated and won several competitions as a teenager.

Restaurant & Hospitality Manager

John is responsible for the front house operations of our restaurant Fusion 8 and will ensure that you’re dining experience is a memorable one. He previously worked as the butler and P/A for Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko and has been headwaiter and restaurant manager for several high-class hotels and resorts. In his spare time, he loves anything related to sports and the great outdoors as well as fine dining at great restaurants.

Fun Fact: John was a professional athlete until the age of 25 and has run both a half marathon in 1h 5min and walked the 800km long Camino de Santiago.

Front house supervisor

Anca works in our restaurant Fusion 8 where she strives to deliver the WOW experience with every meal. She is originally from Romania but moved to Spain after a vacation in Italy. Anca previously worked as the head of the breakfast service at SHA and Hotel Delfin, held several waiter positions and run her own clothing store. She holds a degree in Ecology, loves animals and spends her free time travelling.

Fun Fact: Until the age of 14, Anca was part of a pop dance group for a national kids show.


Olesya is responsible for housekeeping at Akinon Resort and has been with the company since its inception. She moved to Spain from Tambov, Russia 12 years ago after meeting her now husband, Robin, when visiting Benidorm. In her spare time she loves to take photos, go the gym, play sports and spend time with her husband and daughter.

Fun fact: Olesya speaks three different languages and has started on her fourth.


Susi is based in the reception and will make sure that your stay at Akinon Resort is a memorable one. She is originally from Munich in Germany, where she obtained a degree in Management and Administration before moving to Spain nine years ago. Before starting at Akinon Resort she worked at a dental clinic and held several dance shows with her sister. Susi loves to travel, meet new people and to dance.

Fun fact: Susi tried to find her prince charming on the popular TV show the Bachelor.


You will find Emily at the reception and she is always happy to help you with any inquiries you might have during your stay. Emily is originally from Newcastle, UK but has lived in Spain for half her life. She previously worked in public relations for her family business and has held multiple roles within admin and customer service prior to joining our team. In her free time, she likes to go out with friends, walking her beagle puppy Leo and go shopping.

Fun fact: Emily appeared on the British television series, A new life in the Sun, running her family watersports business with her dad.


Jonathan is based in the reception and aims to make every customer interaction a memorable one. He has held different positions within sales and hospitality both in Spain and the UK before starting at Akinon Resort. Jonathan has a degree in Tourism from the University of Alicante, where he spent six months in Poland as part of an Erasmus program. Jonathan spends his time relaxing on the beach and walking his dog.

Fun fact: Jonathan was a DJ on a boat through the Thames. 


Jose is based in our restaurant Fusion 8 where he serves every customer with a great big smile. He is born and raised in Alicante but moved to the UK at an early age to learn English. Jose has previously worked as a waiter and bartender, been a manager for beachfront café and operated his own pastry shop. When he is not spending time with his wife and two children, Jose loves to play dart and poker.

Fun fact: Jose went to the UK to learn English but ended up also finding his wife of 17 years of marriage.


Miguel is a cook in the kitchen at Fusion 8, where he brings his passion of food to every dish and loves a new challenge. He is originally from Portugal and has a degree from the Management School of Hospitality and Tourism in Porto. Before joining our team he had an internship at the Michelin star restaurant S. Gabriel, worked catering for stars like Lady Gaga & Roger Waters as well as several cook positions at hotels and restaurants. When he is not working, you will find Miguel at the poker table, playing video games or relaxing on the beach.

Fun fact: Miguel built a raft out of wood and plastic bottles and sailed it to an island with a friend.

Kitchen help

Alberto works in the kitchen at Fusion 8, where he assists in preparing delicious dishes. He comes from a family restaurant, where he has worked since he was a boy before moving to the area with his girlfriend. Alberto loves to play table tennis and spend time with his girlfriend and daughter when he is not working.

Fun fact: Alberto has an English girlfriend, however, he does not speak a word of English.

Spa therapist

Sonia is responsible to ensure that you are relaxing and rejuvenated after every visit to our spa. 


Mario is responsible for ensuring that the technical installations at Akinon Resort are working properly. He has a degree in civil engineering from Universidad de Estudios de Buenos Aires. He moved to Spain with his family i 2002 to start his company focusing on water and technical installations. Mario loves to play paddle and as a true Argentinian he loves to host BBQ for family and friends. 

Fun Fact: Mario is a judicial expert and his speciality is construction and technical installations. 

IT & Communications

Mark looks after the technology at Akinon Resort to ensure guests and staff have access to the outside world using phones, Internet and email. He also ensures that all Akinon Resort’s IT and communications systems are working properly. He is originally from the UK, close to Brighton and has lived and worked in Spain since 2004.  

Fun fact: He is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and teaches people to dive during the summer months.



Jens is a heavyweight within nutrition. He has a degree from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London in addition to a foundation degree in sports from Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. He is the head of nutrition at Tunsberg Medical School and has his own practice. He has taught nutrition since 2001and worked with overall quality and personal development in the business sector since 1992.

Fun fact: Jens has 25 years of experience as an engineer in project development and management as well as building technology.

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