Akinon Resort’s partners

Akinon Resort understands the importance of skilled and professional partners and would like to introduce them to you. 

Do you wish to work with Akinon Resort? Send us an email with information about your company and your thoughts around a potential collaboration.  

Tunsberg Medisinske Skole logo

Tunsberg frequently has events at Akinon Resort and part of the nutritionist program is held here. 

Tunsberg Medical School is one of Norway’s largest private schools within health and nutrition. The school was founded in 1998 and currently has over 700 students. They offer a wide variety of studies within nutrition and natural medicine as well as offering several basic subjects that are important to become a skilled therapist.

Website: tunmed.no
Facebook: facebook.com/tunmed

Helsemagasinet Logo

Helsemagasinet holds events at Akinon Resort and is an ambassador for us in Norway.

Helsemagasinet vitenskap og fornuft is published by the foundation vitenskap og fornuft, which aims to help more people get access to multidisciplinary knowledge of importance for personal and public health, and for individuals in need of welfare, freedom, security and identity. Helsemagasinet is Norway’s only popular science magazine that provides scientific references to articles. The magazine is published eight times a year and has 100 pages.

Website: vof.no
Facebook: facebook.com/Helsemagasinet

Maxpulse cooperates with Akinon Resort on boot camps in Norway.

Maxpulse arranges enrollment trips and create tailor package trips for groups and businesses. They have a staff of talented people who are passionate, knowlegdable and positive. Maxpulse was founded in 1996 and and they well known for their ski trips to Marcialonga and other races in Worldloppet. Maxpulse AS is a subsidiary of Expert Reiser AS, which is one of Norway’s leading tradeshow agency. They are also the supplier of business and group trips to companies, foundations and the public sector.

Website: maxpulse.no
Facebook: facebook.com/maxpulse.no

Funksjonell Mat Logo

Akinon Resort uses several of Funksjonell Mat’s products in our dishes and we are also a reseller. 

Funksjonell Mat is a Norwegian company founded in 2007. They offer excellent and natural substitutes without sugar and flour, which will help the customers make good food healthier. All their products are based on natural ingredients and are developed by them.

Hjemmeside: funksjonellmat.no
Facebook: facebook.com/funksjonellmat

Helsekoden Logo

Akinon Resort organizes events together with Helsekoden AS.

Helsekoden wants to raise awareness and motivate its customers to make permanent changes that lead to better health. The company is owned and operated by Bodil E. Salomonsen. As a natural medicine nutritionist MNNH, she has a solid academic knowledge about diet and nutrition. Bodil is also educated in agriculture and has a college degree in basic medicine and food technology. She has years of experience in Norway’s largest research environment that researches food from the sea and land. With her unique combination of academics and professional experience, she wishes to share her knowledge about how a proper diet might be the key for a better health.

Facebook: facebook.com/Helsekoden
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/bodilsalomonsen

Keyhan Ighanian holds annual inner peace seminars at Akinon Resort.

He has based his method on elements from Eastern philosophy and Western psychology. In the seminars he helps participants discover who they are and how to best communicate with partners, family and friends. Improved self awareness and empathy makes it possible to better understand others, which is a prerequisite for a deeper level contact. The method is explained further on his website.

Website: indrero.com
Facebook: facebook.com/indreorokeyhan

Natural Spa Factory

Akinon Resort is proud to use Paraben free products from Natural Spa Factory in our Spa department. 


Natural Spa Factory was founded by Emma and Jeremy in Bath in 2009. Their passion for providing natural, botanical and beautiful products was ignited by Jeremy’s 15 year career in spa design and consultation. Still based on the outskirts of Bath, we love being surrounded by the countryside that inspires us the most.

They use botanically sourced ingredients derived from nature like herbs, plants and flowers – and all of their products are free from Parabens, SLS, MCI(Methylchloroisothiazolinone), MI (Methylisothiazolinone) and Microbeads. The products are not tested on animals and they are made either in the UK, or in the home of scent, France. The products are all available as retail items – in eco-friendly packaging, which lends itself to the chic and uncomplicated ethos that we work from.

Their products are truly inspired by the seasons and the food we love. The result is a collection of natural and beautiful products that inject goodness and wholesome nourishment into body and skin; boosting you from the outside in.

Website: naturalspafactory.com
Facebook: facebook.com/NaturalSpaFactory